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VCHSG Member Challenges

VCHSG Guild Member Challenges

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If you have an idea for a challenge, let us know!

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March and April - Post Card Challenge

Using your chosen fiber art technique or range of techniques:
Create a postcard or a greeting card to brighten someone's day.
The completed card does not necessarily need to be mailed or delivered to anyone if you prefer to keep it yourself.
Send photo of project to for inclusion in the March General Meeting. Deadline for inclusion in the slideshow is March 23rd.

Face Mask Creations - 50th Anniversary Mask

January - Face Mask Creations
VCHSG First Guild Challenge for 2021
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane….
Face Mask Creations
Use your fiber art skills to create, decorate or design a face mask you have on hand or start from scratch!
This finished product does not need to be useful –
The only requirement is that some sort of **fiber art process must be used.
**Based on Wikipedia, “Fiber art refers to fine art whose material consists of natural or synthetic fiber and other components such as fabric or yarn. It focuses on the materials and on the manual labor on the part of the artist as part of the works’ significance and prioritizes aesthetic value over utility”.
Send a photo of your finished project (including steps along the way if you wish) plus any other details you would like to share to for a slide show presentation at the January 23rd Meeting.
Deadline for Entries to be included in slideshow - January 18th.

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Face Mask Creations - Allyson Swaney

Used left over fabric from 50th Anniversary Fashion Show dress design

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Face Mask Creations - Deb Thompson

  • My “Mood Masks” #1: “Every Cloud Has A Sliver Lining”
    • o A lighthearted day, note the take on wording... using a sliver of fiber on hand.
  • My “Mood Masks” #2: “A Normal Day”
    • o I’m being productive and positive…mask made from handwoven scrap.
  • My “Mood Masks” #3
    • o And mask #3, days much too numerous anymore and so overwhelming that I feel I can’t keep myself in one piece.......heart made from handwoven scrap....

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Face Mask Creations - Judy Hersh

  • “Cowgirl Mask”
  • Black stretch denim outer, plaid fleece lined & ties. Concho beads, chain stitch embroidered outline & flower design to match bead.

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    Face Mask Creations - Kathy Staples

    Mask #1 Pre-bought mask, hand stamped dancers
    Mask #2 Pre bought mask, hand stamped sea turtles

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    Face Mask Creations - Maryann Eckhout

    I hand spun 100% wool from ways and means table and hand knit a rectangle with double lining of poly/cotton. 

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    Face Mask Creations - Michelle Gannes

    I've done some machine felting of some glitter roving onto a piece of fabric to line the outside of the mask.  The inside fabric was rescued from my daughter’s stash. To make it snug, I've crocheted a simple ear protector trying to coordinate the colors.  Yes, I can breathe through it all and without inhaling any stray glitter fibers.

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